.vantronix Products and Support in Japan
Hannover/Tokyo (October 29, 2008) - .vantronix | secure systems GmbH, a German vendor of high-end security appliances, entered a partnership with the Tokyo-based company OpenBSD Support Japan Inc.. The Technical Solutions Partner will provide .vantronix products and a support suitable for demanding corporate and enterprise customers in Japan.

.vantronix is an emerging vendor of security appliances for a highly professional market. The products are designed to meet the criteria of enterprise environments. Not only performance, but also security without a compromise, scalability, high-availability, redundancy, integration into sophisticated heterogeneous networks and network management systems, and a professional on-time support are the mandatory factors. The .vantronix systems are based on the OpenBSD operating system and feature powerful services like Firewalling, Load Balancing, VPN, IPv6 Gateway, and Anti-SPAM. .vantronix is an optimal solution for the advanced requirements of the Japanese IT market. Full support for the next generation Internet Protocol IPv6, including proactive stateful firewalling, and a powerful secure platform are outstanding features of the .vantronix products.

"I'm proud that we won OpenBSD Support Japan Inc. as a Technical Solutions Partner", says Reyk Flöter, Co-Founder and Technical Director of .vantronix. "They're very professional, have an excellent technical knowledge and are known for their significant contribution to the OpenBSD project and applied security at all." As a Technical Solutions Partner OpenBSD Support Japan Inc. will sell .vantronix products but also provide sophisticated services and support for the customers and other resellers in Japan.

OpenBSD Support Japan Inc. is a Kabushi Kaisha (KK) company in Tokyo which is specialized in OpenBSD systems and services in Japan. The focus is on security, reliability, cost savings, and interoperability. The company has proven experience on implementing and running firewalls in critical environments, a team of world-class engineers, and a long experience in security and enterprise requirements. OpenBSD Support Japan Inc. has implemented security solutions and is running services for customers in the financial industry and for namable international organizations. The company is also a well-known sponsor of the PacSec, the leading annual applied security conference in Japan.

.vantronix | secure systems GmbH is a company in Hannover, Germany, which is a vendor of high-end security appliances for the corporate and enterprise market. .vantronix provides Firewalls, Load Balancers, VPN, IPv6 Gateways, and Anti-SPAM Solutions based on a solid and proven platform powered by the secure operating system OpenBSD. Its excellent engineering team and a highly professional support and services allows .vantronix to compete against leading vendors in INFOSEC, health care, telecommunications and governmental IT security solutions. .vantronix also provides an integration into ProCurve networking, and is a Developer & Solution Partner of Hewlett-Packard.

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Mark T. Uemura, OpenBSD Support Japan Inc. (KK)
Meguro-ku Meguro Honchou 6-6-2
Tokyo, 152-0002, Japan

Rouven Flöter, .vantronix | secure systems GmbH
Am Mittelfelde 29
30519 Hannover, Germany